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Practitioner Health

Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS primary care mental health and addiction service with expertise in treating health & care professionals. The service can help with a range of mental health conditions and addictions in primary care settings. They also see healthcare professionals with more severe illnesses, such as bipolar affective disorder, personality disorders and psychosis and with a range of addiction issues. Click on the link to go to their website https://www.practitionerhealth.nhs.uk/about-practitioner-health

BMA Wellbeing Support Services Directory

This is a UK directory of support services specifically for medical students and doctors. https://www.bma.org.uk/media/5136/bma-wellbeing-support-services-contacts-update-24-february-2022.pdf


There  is a free peer mentoring service that is provided for GPs, Practice Managers, Nurses, and other practice staff with leadership responsibilities, working in the catchment areas of Wakefield LMC. Details are available on the GPMplus website https://www.gpmplus.co.uk/